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This section has just been started, and many links also come from Exploreseville.com. I'm not trying to offer duplicate content everywhere, but many links are useful for traveling to almost anywhere in Spain. I You'll find many links, many of which I have happily "borrowed" from newsletters, sites and friends. I have also (with great pleasure) chosen not to use many links from these sites, friends and newsletters. Others I have come across surfing the net while doing research for this page. Many pages have a hard time keeping up to date, and thus I ask you to please email me about any links or information which are now outdated. For each link I try to give a short description of what they offer or simply my opinion. As I don't claim to cover everything on my page and many sites have done a better job on the mainstream Granada stuff. I hope you can find what you are looking for on the pages below. Please note that many of these are sites in English, except for a few Spanish pages in the cases where they are useful or simply don't offer other language versions. This is not a link farm and I don't add just anyone to this list. These are all what I feel should be useful or relevant. If you want me to add a link to a useful page please email me. All generic submissions indicating your site's page rank in Google, and how a link partnership between my site and your site about dog grooming can benefit us both will not be considered! (No offense to you dog groomers out there).

Topics in this section

Granada and Andalucia pages

Andalucia.org - Granada city tourist information.
Turismodegranada.org - Granada province and city tourist information.
granadatur.com - Granada province and city tourist information.
Traveling in Spain Granada Page - one persons take on Granada. Very informative.
Granadainfo.com - An excellent site for content from two English speaking residents.
Alhambra-tickets.es - buy your tickets before you go!
Hammam in Granada - wonderful arab baths and spa in the center of the city.

Sol.com - covering all of Andalucia in English and Spanish.
Andalucia.org - official tourism page for the region.
Andalucia.com - one of the largest sites about Andalucia in english.
Andalunet.com - portal for Sevilla and Andalucia in Spanish only.
Maribelsguides.com - PDF format guides, more for high end travel. Good writing, good advice.

Spain country and city pages

General Spain

Spain.info - official Spain tourism page
Okspain.org - tourist information for traveling to Spain.
Spainalive.com - this link is not working...hmmm...
Wild-spain.com - focusing on nature and wildlife in Spain.
Thinkspain.com - news, helpful information and more in this English language Spain portal.
About.com - Spain page with links and information about traveling in Spain.
Travelinginspain.com - a good, one man operation covering more and more of Spain every day.
All About Spain - very ugly page, but very good information in English, Spanish and German.
Lanetro.com - mostly in Spanish, but a callejero, or map section in English.
Spanish-living.com - covers all the regions in Spain, with travel information, tours, car rentals, etc.
Cyberspain.com - culture and history on yet another very useful, but ugly page.
In-spain.info - a portal with information on Spain, the regions and general travel.
Spaindreams.com - tourist information focused on destination and vacation plans.


Traveling in Spain Cordoba Page - one person's take on Córdoba. Very informative.
Infocordoba.com - American Tony Reed's guide to Cordoba with some great insider's advice.


Cadiz Photos from a native - take a look at some photos from someone who knows the city.


Traveling in Spain Malaga Page - one persons take on Málaga. Very informative.
Guiri.net - it's Malaga, and it's filled with guiris. I love it just for the name.
Official Town Hall Page - from the Ayuntamiento to you. Helpful information.


Official Tourism page - information about visiting Mijas
Official Town Hall page - from the Ayuntamiento to you. Helpful information.
City Museum Page - worth a visit to learn about Carmona

Marbella and Puerta Banus

Marbella & Puerta Banus Photo Album - ok, this is to my own page.
Official Town Hall page - from the Ayuntamiento to you. Helpful information.
Marbella Tourist Guide - lodging, pubs, restaurants, golf and more.


Official Tourism Page - information about visiting Mijas


multimadrid.com - everything you want to know about Madrid and more from Jeremy. Very active forum.
madridman.com - Great site with a ton of information about Madrid. Madridman runs it all from the US!
Maribelsguides.com - PDF format guides, more for high end travel. Great writing and very good advice.



Official Tourism page - information about visiting Mijas
Traveling in Spain Ronda page - one persons take on Ronda. Very informative.


exploreseville.com - Recommended: my guide to Seville - check it out!
sevilla5.com - another guide for Seville in English, Spanish and German. I work here!
Turismo.sevilla.org - the official tourism page for the city of Sevilla
Turismosevilla.org - the official tourism page for the province of Sevilla
Sevilla.org - official town hall (ayuntamiento) page (in Spanish).
Hotel in Seville - Hotel Un Patio al Sur, Seville.
Seville Hotel - Hotel Un Patio en Santa Cruz.

Expat resources: Spain and general

Spainexpat.com - Seville based lawyer helps you learn about moving, working, visas and legal issues
Idealspain.com - Malaga based site with tons of information for expats.
Spanish-forum.org - non-profit web site with helpful information, first person stories and a forum
Expatriatecafe.com - information, forums and more for those wanting to teach English in Spain.
Globalrelocate.com - services to help you get moved abroad
Thespanishdream.com - moving to Spain with a focus on UK residents.
Thinkspain.com - a section of hot topics which cover expat themes.
Thisisspain.info - small site with information on those looking to relocate to Spain.
Sispain.org - free exchange of information on Spanish culture, current events, language and more.
Escapeartist.com - Spain page from this well known expat website.
Expatexpert.com - author of several books, the site is small, but the links section a great resource.
Expatica.com - the Spain page with a lot of information and an active forum.
Expatexchange.com - the Spain page with expat advice, city profiles, classifieds and more.
Embassyworld.com - locate just about any consulate or embassy in the world.
Expatforums.org - European based forum on many general expat topics
Firstgov.gov - U.S. government guide to all the legal aspects of living and traveling abroad.
Expatfocus.com - the Spain page on the site, with practical information on living and moving.
Spainview.com - Freelance spain,a resource for journalists and editors.
Justlanded.com - the Spain section with some good info. Services: housing location, translation, CV.

Travel Forums with Spain topics

MultiMadrid Boards - Jeremy keeps his Madrid topic boards updated daily
MadirdMan Bulletin Boards
- all the way from Ohio, USA is MadridMan with a pretty active forum
Virtualtourist Forums - community and forum with very specific topics but less active.
Lonelyplanet.com's Thorn Tree - very active forum from the guidebook company.
Frommers Message Boards - for the high end traveler. Active, but not for budget travelers.
Let's Go Forums - from the popular books comes a very poor forum with little activity.
Rick Steves' Graffiti Wall - Active, but poor functionality and organization
Fodor's Travel Talk - for the high end traveler. Active, but not for budget travelers.
Bootsnall.com Forums
- wait to see if you are accepted...hmmm. Not a bad forum, though.
Travelpunk.com Boards - for the "hip, young traveler"
Busabout.com Forums - budget travelers unite!
Expatforums.org - European based forum on many general expat topics with plenty of posts
Meta-travel.com Forums - pretty weak in terms of active community
Yahoo Groups Spain Travel - don't like the format, not bad for activity and a spammers paradise.
Hostelseurope.com - the world of hostelery (jobs) and some decent activity.
Travelinformation.org - not much going on over here.
iAgora.com - they put together a very bad forum for Erasmus students.

Adventure and Active Tourism in Andalucia

Skydivespain.com - they offer several options when it comes to leaping out of a plane!
Horizonte Vertical - a paragliding school in the Sierra Nevada National Park.
Pedalyaventura.com - offer guided mountain bike excursions in Andalucia and Extremadura.
Bikingandalucia.com - Located in Granada, they can take you on mountain or road biking tours.
Ridesierranevada.com - Mountain biking in the Sierra Nevada National Park.
Spirit of Andalucia - In the Sierra Norte, an hour from Sevilla. Horseback riding in a Natural Park.
Equiberia - Horseback riding excursions: up to 8 days with routes in Sevilla and Huelva.
Fincalasuerte.com - guided horseback riding in a Natural Park. Guide from the British Horse Society.
Centuresa.es - the official page of the Sierra Nevada's Slopes - skiing .
Buentour.com - rent a "ski" apartment in the Sierra Nevadas and hit the slopes.
Sierranevadaactiva.com - Sierra Nevada National Park activities when there is no snow.

Toros & Festivals

Granada Bullfight Schedule - from portaltaurino.com
Andalucia.com Toros - English information on bullfighting in Andalucia
Mundotoro - another bullfighting portal
Festival Dates in Andalucia - dates of festivals throughout Andalucia.



Renfe.es - home page for the national rail system. English version available.
RENFE (Train) schedule page
- get timetables and prices for trains in Spain.

City Bus

Granada City Bus System - see all the bus lines and where they stop

Bikes and Scooters

jmoto.com - rent a moto in Granada

Car Rentals

Carjet.com - highly recommended by me after several good experiences
Pepecar.com - Spanish provider with low cost rentals
Autoeurope.com - like carjet, as broker with good prices. I still think carjet has the best prices!

Plane and Airport

Granada Airport - some information on the Airport in Granada
Spain Airports - a breakdown of every airport in Spain
Spain Flights by Airport - find where you can go from any airport in Spain
Airberlin.com - cheap flights from Spain, with many flights to Germany.
Easyjet.com - cheap flights in Europe
Ryanair.com - you always find mentions of this airline in the forums!

Ferry Service Morocco

Romeu y CIA

Maps and Driving Information

Via Michelin - think mapquest for Europe.
MotoEuropa.com - a good resource for driving in Europe.


Hotels and Hostels

sevilla5.com Hotels in Granada
sevilla5.com Hostals in Granada

Sol.com - offers discount voucher system with great rates. Many hotels are not in the center.
Venere - the majority are not in the center, and perhaps not good for tourists
Booking.com - about 20 hotels, central location, poor information and photos.
Spainhostels.com - list of hostels in Sevilla from Madridman


Coming soon a list of apartments...

Rural Accommodation

Toprural.com - find rural houses and lodging in the province of Granada or in Spain and Portugal.
Ruralandlaus.es - country houses for rent in Andalucia. Small link to enter on their insane Flash intro.
Turismorural.org - rural houses, apartments and hostals in Spain.
Rinconesdelmundo.com - covering most of Spain.
Masrural.com - tourism information plus rural accommodation.


Parador.es - the official site for the Paradors of Spain. They have special deals!

Safety & Health

Safety and Health

U.S. Embassy Spain - official home page
UK Embassy Spain - official home page
U.S. State Department Travel page - passports, travel warnings and more
State Department Arrest Services - help for U.S. citizens who have legal troubles abroad.

Travel and Health Insurance

Mapfre - private health insurance provider in Spain.
Sanitas - private health insurance provider in Spain.
Asisa - private health insurance provider in Spain.
Travelinsure.com - travel insurance provider.
TravelGuard.com - travel insurance provider.
TFG Global - travel insurance provider.


XE.com's currency converter - convert currency online, see the latest rates
American Express Office locator - locate the closest American Express office.
Locate any VISA/Plus ATM - worldwide ATM locator for the Visa and Plus system.
Locate any MasterCard ATM - worldwide ATM locator for Mastercard.

Conversion and Translation: Language, Numbers, Electricity

Convert Numbers and Words

Time Zone Converter - calculate the hour difference between two time zones
Online Conversion - convert anything to anything. Thousands of conversions.
World Electric Current - help with the dreaded electric current change by country
Online Translation - from babelfish, through altavista.

Traveling with Disabilities

Access Abroad
Emerging Horizons, Accessible Travel News
Global Access Disabled Travel Network

Study in Granada

For a list of Spanish schools please see the Spanish Courses section. Soon I will have more links to this section. Spanish Schools in Granada Delengua Enforex Escuela Montalban Granalingua Euroestudios Galilea Inmsol Castila Central Alameda Asociacion I.D.E.A Granada Study Abroad Portals and Directories Goabroad.com - smaller list of study abroad programs Studyabroad.com - The largest directory geared towars college students but lists all. Ad supported. Petersons.com - online guide plus publishes a print guide. iiepassport.com - now owned by studyabroad.com Transitionsabroad.com - study and other opportunities. Smaller listings but more diverse.

Telephone and Internet Providers in Granada

Mobile and Home Telephone

Telefonica - largest home phone provider
Wanadoo - internet and home phone
Ya.com - internet and home phone
Auna - internet, home phone and cable television
Vodafone - good coverage, medium price range
Movistar - Telefonica's mobile provider. Best coverage, most expensive.
Amena - worst coverage, cheapest provider. Cheap international calls can be made with a card.
World Mobile Phone Guide - everything you need to know about standards and mobile systems.
International Phone Dialing - country codes for every country
Eurodirect Phone Cards - a calling card with cheap rates to many countries.

High Speed Internet Service Providers

Telefonica - largest provider, reliable service (once connected), most expensive.
Terra - Also Telefonica, just a different name.
Wanadoo - offers good bundled plans for high-speed internet plus telephone.
Ya - offers bundled service at cheap rates but a lower speed connection. Higher speeds available.
Auna - bundled packages for cable modem internet, telephone and cable TV.

Free Dial up Internet providers (you pay only cost of call)

Gonuts4free.com - national, free dial up with one national phone number for Spain.
Zork.com - national, uses an ad supported model; One dial-up number for Spain
Tiscali.es - national, 4 email accounts, 10MB web space, get your email by phone.
Terra.es - national, 1 email account, 5MB "briefcase", 5MB photo storage and Terra Messenger.
Oriolnet.com - national, 1 email account, one dial-up number for all of Spain.
Offcampus.net - email account, no longer offer phone support for free customers
Ya.com Jazzfree - national, 1 email account, very cheap call rates and 24 hour technical support!
Iredi.com - very easy set-up, one national number (with local call rate), multiple email accounts.
Wanadoo's Eresmas.com - national, cheap local dial up rates, pop-up blocker, email account.
Atodevela.com - Asturias only, with 2 email accounts,

Spain Television

Cable and Satellite Operators (and more channels)

Digital Plus - only satellite provider in Spain, about 120 channels available.
Auna (Supercable) - limited, urban area coverage for cable television.
Sky Satellite - English satellite TV available to people with a UK address, or through a third party.
NASN - the North American Sports Channel, only available through Sky Satellite

BitTorrents (watch the TV shows from back home on your computer)

Download a BitTorrent Client - you'll need a program like this start downloading
Monduna's FAQ about bittorrents - learn about the technology and problem solving
Donvitorrent.com - come here to download movies and TV series so you can keep up with your shows!
Youceff.com torrents - another directory of downloadable TV, games, music and more.
Suprnova.org - one of the larger sites, with TV shows, sports, movies, games and more.

Spanish National TV

Antena 3
Canal +
Tele Cinco
TVE La 2

Spanish Regional TV

Barcelona Television
Canal 9 Televisió Valenciana
Canal Sur (live feed avail.)
ETB1 (live feed avail.)
Tele Madrid
TVG- Galicia (live feed avail.)
TVC Canal 3 - Catalunya
TVE Canarias
TVE Castilla y Leon



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