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Photos of Granada


Below is a start of photos both in the city of Granada and outside in a few of the small towns, and of course the Sierra Nevadas. More photos are on the way!

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The Albums:

The Alhambra I
A trip to Granada would not be complete without a visit to the Alhambra. I have too many photos, and the 4 albums are just a selection!

The Alhambra II
More photos from my several visits to the Alhambra. Some are of course from the Albayzin and the Mirador de San Nicolas.

The Alhambra III
Added are a few good photos from my last trip to the Alhambra where I swore I had anough photos of the place. There is always something interesting.

The Alhambra IV
More from the last trip. Aside from always finding something new or another angle, there is always something which has been renovated or reopened to the public.

The Generalife I
The Generalife is where the priveledged inhabitants of the Alhambrra would spend their summer months.

The Generalife II
With gardens, fountains and plenty of flowers, there are also many wonderful views of the Alhambra and the Albayzin neighborhood in Granada from the Generalife.

The Generalife III
A last sampling of photos from my last visit, plus a few odds and ends from family members who visited with us.

The Albaicin I
The Albaicin is often referred to as the former Arab quarter. Over the centuries it has been essential to the history of the city Granada.

The Albaicin II
The Albaicin is home to many homes, known as carmenes, with views of the Alhambra and garden terraces. There are also restaurants, shops and bars.

The Alcaiceria
Those visiting the Capilla Real and the Catedral will have a hard time missing the Alcaicería, a former Nasrid silk market, which still attracts shoppers.

The Calle Nueva Caldereria
One of the most typical and visited streets of the Albaicin, this street is known for it's small shops selling Moroccan goods, as well as it's teterias (tea houses).

The Capilla Real
Added are a few great photos from Dave, but there are more to come in November when I'll spend a weekend in Granada. Most impressive is of course the Alhambra.

The Cathedral
The final resting place of Isabela and Ferdinand, the Reyes Catolicos (Catholic Kings), is attached to the Cathedral and includes an impressive collection of royal treasure.

The Corral del Carbon
Recently renovated, the building once served as a place for coal merchants to rest while selling their goods. It has served numerous functions over the centuries.

Cortijo Balzain I
If you are looking for a very authentic, family run cortijo this is the place for you. Located outside of the city near the town of La Zubia, this was a restful paradise.

Cortijo Balzain II
We enjoyed several days visiting, simply walking around the fields or eating a good meal in the main building which served as a restaurant and lounge.

Paseo del Darro
From the Plaza Nueva, this narrow street offers a collection of historic buildings and good views of the Alhambra. Watch out for the mini-buses as the road is narrow!

Monument (Fountain) to the Reyes Catolicos
The fountain shows Columbus (or Colón if you are in Spain) visiting the Queen. The fountain is at the end of the avenue as it meets Reyes Catolicos street.

General City Photos
Some photos of other sights, parks, and other places which don't fit anywhere....yet. For now a random collection of photos.

As you venture just a litte out of the historic center where most tourists visit, you find some nice little green spaces and the river.

Basilica de Nuestra Senora de las Angustias
Home of the Santa Patrona of Granada, the church is beautiful inside. In September the virgen is carried through the streets in a procession.

Iglesia San Gil y Santa Ana
Considered one of the best remaining churches of Mudejar architecture in the city, the Church of San Gil and Santa Ana is just off of the Plaza Nueva

Iglesia San Nicolas
In the Mirador de San Nicolas, the church sadly burned to the ground in 1932. Now rebuilt, it is still considered one of the oldest Mudejar churches in the city of Granada. 

Mirador de San Nicolas
The Mirador is a plaza with a wonderful overlook, with the best views of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains behind it.

Plaza Bib Rambla
One of my favorite plazas in Granada which is in the middle of it all. Just behind the Cathedral and in the shopping district, I always end up here.

Plaza Nueva
Or is this the plaza in the middle of it all? At the foot of the Albayzin and the road leading to the Alhambra, it is almost impossible to miss the plaza when you visit.

Convento Santa Isabel
Located in the Albayzin we didn't get much further then the front entrance. One of many churches and convents you can find in this quarter.

Sierra Nevadas I
No photos from my ski trip 15 years ago! We headed up the mountain in search of snow in November. We were not disappointed!

Sierra Nevadas II
Perhaps I took too many photos. More from our trip, including snowmen and some nice views.

Snowy Days in Granada
On a vist in 2006 we were lucky enough to get some snow. Coming from Seville, where the last time it snowed was in the 1950's, we really enjoyed the change in weather.

Street Performers
No matter where you are in the world, there are always people doing something entertaining in the street. Some times less entertaining than others.

Teteria (Tea House)
So many to choose from, but we only chose one from our last visit. Just a few photos until we go again next month!



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