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Privacy Policy for Exploregranada.com

I will never, ever sell, rent, trade, or barter your email address with anyone or any company. There is enough spam and unwanted email in this world and I do not wish to contribute to it nor be part of the problem (I get plenty on my five email accounts!). You can always opt-out of my mailing list by replying to the email with "remove" in the subject line or simply sending me an email from any email link on this site. I will not play any games with trick buttons or deceiving opt-out methods - instructions will always be clear and intuitive and your choice to opt out will always be respected.

If you purchase merchandise from the book store your order will be placed and handled by Amazon.com and all data, including name, address, telephone number, email and credit card information will not be shared with me or my site. Any emails received from Amazon will be a result of your choices to opt-in or out of any of their mailing lists. If you reserve a hotel or hostal or make an inquiry to a language school, then you will receive responses from those providers. Any emails received from those thrid parties will be in response to your communication or your choice to opt-in or opt-out of their mailing lists.

Your IP will be logged when visiting Exploregranada.com as is the case on almost any other site you visit. I measure stats by the two counters on my home page. I also analyze log files to understand general user behavior but in no way will know anyone's personal data or habits while visting the site.
I am only suriours to see where people come from and where there may be errors on my page.

Should you have any questions or feel this privacy policy has been violated please do not hesitate to contact me directly.



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